Friday, April 18, 2014

Double Sided Desk with Jute Pulls

This is a post and time for funny quips that you are used to from me ;)



This cutie will be at the live auction at our elementary school next Friday! It's finished on both sides, so technically could be used for 2 kiddos!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two Tone Student Desk for Charity

Well, it's April friends. Which means my garage is FULL and keeps getting fuller because it's garage sale season! Can I get an "amen"??

I found this small student desk at Value Village recently and knew it would be a great piece for the preschool fundraiser coming up. 

I forgot to take a before pic, but it was very similar to this...just smaller:

I painted the body a very light gray and refinished the top. The hardware is from Hobby Lobby and is perfect for this piece!

Off to Carver Junk Company and proceeds to the fabulous preschool that has cared for my kids for 8 years!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dresser in Miss Mustard Seed's Dried Lavender and Tufted Balloon Chairs

Confession time:

Recently, I stopped at the same Goodwill twice in one day. Yep. I did. I found a sewing table on my morning visit and these on my afternoon visit. You can judge me, but you'll also be jealous!

Last night I finished up this dresser in milk paint. I have to say, the first time I tried milk paint, I was so-so about it. The second time, I liked it more. And this go around, I loved using it.

This is the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint color of the month "Dried Lavender". It's a little to bright for me so I used her antiquing wax and absolutely love the color. More than I thought I would!!

Have you used Milk Paint? What are your thoughts?
This piece, and the chairs, will be available at Carver Junk Company during their April sale!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Glossy turned Primitive: Farmhouse Dresser Transformed

This can't be a "wow" transformation because I didn't take a before picture. I know.....I know.

I picked this up and it had been sprayed (and not well sprayed) in a high gloss white and beige. It was awful. A crime, really.

I was going to repaint it, but Carver Junk Company needed inventory quickly last weekend (because the sale was ROCKIN!). So I took my orbital sander to it, to remove the old finish and repaint it..and ended up LOVING the look! I sanded off all of the paint on top and stained it and then used dark wax on the drawers to give it an even more primitive look.

Perfectly primitive! Someone liked it because it went home the next day!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Petite, Primitive Secretary Desk

And when I say "petite", I mean child size or would work well for a nightstand. I've never seen a piece like this!

I picked it up last month while out junkin' one day and with it. I'm not sure was dried out, missing the back and needed lots of glue. And by the time I got it home, it needed more glue because I managed to break off one of the legs getting it into my car :/

This before picture is AFTER my father in law worked magic with glue and added a back

I stained the drawer in Dark Walnut, put some crystal knobs on it and painted it a very distressed white.

This one is for sale at Carver Junk Company. We had such a fun sale this weekend...if you can make it out in April, it's worth your time!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nightstand in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Well, I finally tried a paint other than latex!

I have so far avoided chalk paint...aside from the DIY recipe with Plaster of Paris. I'm not at all against chalk paint, but I've had good luck with latex paint and considering I get most of my colors from the mis-tint bin for under $5.00, chalk paint seemed pricey.

Fast forward to last month when Carver Junk Company became a dealer of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. I kept seeing the colors and hearing about the paint workshops they were teaching. And one afternoon, when I was working the February sale, I took the plunge.

I bought the color Trophy, which is a medium gray. I also bought the bonding agent, antiquing wax and wax brush.

This was the perfect piece to try it on, since a chippy look is what I was going for. Great bones, but look at that orange finish!

I mixed up the paint without the bonding agent. I'd heard tips to mix until wet and then let sit for 10-15 min and mix more. That seemed to work well.

I love that this paint goes on so smoothly and only needed 2 coats. Had I been going for a more polished looked, I would have used 3 coats. After sanding and distressing, I used a coat of clear wax (I used Minwax because that's what I had on hand) to protect the finish.

Here is the end result:

Overall, I liked the Milk Paint. It's a totally different process than latex paint. With latex, I almost always use a foam roller. Milk paint needs a brush. With latex, I stir once and with MMS milk paint, you need to keep stirring to maintain color consistency.

You can't beat the colors and the way it chips/flakes off to give a naturally worn look. I am looking forward to playing around with it again and again to see what I need to change about how I mix, etc.

If you'd like to try MMS Milk Paint, you can't go wrong using Carver Junk Company. They will ship to you and can answer any questions as they are certified dealers!! And if you are local, they offer MMS Paint classes!

This piece will be for sale THIS weekend at the CJC March sale.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

French Drexel Desk in Blue

I found this gorgeous desk recently on an unexpected pick with my friend Kirsten from White Butterfly Furniture. It was probably about -10 and we were FROZEN, but it didn't stop us from getting a few great deals!

Now, I realize that this desk was in great condition. I did hesitate on if I should paint it or not, but ultimately, I decided it needed a little update. Just a little blue paint is all! Normally, I shy away from bolder colors, but I've done a lot of white and gray pieces recently, so I needed something different.

So would you have painted it or left as is?


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